As the UK’s leading Forex signal provider, our experts analyse the Forex market so you don’t have to. Simply follow the binary option signals they send out and start seeing the returns for yourself.


With success rates upwards of 76% we pride ourselves on our accurate, consistent and effective trading strategies. Why not try it for yourself and sign up below for your free 30 day trial.


Key Features

Professional Analytics

With countless years of experience, our professional Forex experts analyse the markets and execute the strategies so that all you have to do is follow our signals.

FREE 30 Day Trial

We are so confident in our signals that we will let you try them for a whole month to ensure you are happy and making profit by the end of your 30 days. It has never been easier to get started with trading and DC Signals will ensure you make the extra income you want.

Quality Signals

Our Forex signals are generated by our expert analysts, eliminating the insecurities you get from risky automated trading systems and “Forex Robots”


Consistent Success

Since we started helping clients from all over the world, we have averaged a success rate of 76%. And we are yet to have a month in negative!

Friendly Team

Our team are always available to answer all of your questions and help with anything that they can. Feel free to contact us 24/7!

Work With Any Broker

Already have a broker? Great, speak to one of the team today and see for yourself how our signals can help skyrocket your profits.

Success Rate
5 - 15
Signals Per Day
Correct Signals Sent
5 - 7 Minutes
Avg. Customer Response Time

Check out our most recent results!

Signal Time
Expiry Time
Asset Win Rate
Target Price
End Price
29 Dec 20164:234:30NZD/USD75%0.693680.69406
29 Dec 20164:184:30USD/CAD64%1.352891.35258
29 Dec 20160:060:15CAD/JPY69%86.27886.280
28 Dec 201619:2019:30AUD/JPY69%84.14184.115
28 Dec 201617:1717:30NZD/USD75%0.690150.69004
28 Dec 201616:1816:30AUD/CHF70%0.740410.74047
28 Dec 201616:1616:30AUD/CHF70%0.740180.74062
28 Dec 201611:0511:15AUD/JPY69%84.49284.503
28 Dec 201611:0511:15AUD/USD68%0.717890.71768
28 Dec 201610:2310:30AUD/CAD73%0.975730.9759
28 Dec 20168:329:00AUD/NZD65%1.039731.0394
28 Dec 20168:169:00EUR/CAD58%1.418331.41812
28 Dec 20165:506:00AUD/USD68%0.721160.72119
28 Dec 20165:506:00AUD/USD68%0.721090.7213
28 Dec 20162:212:30NZD/USD75%0.691950.69188
28 Dec 20162:162:30NZD/CHF72%0.710300.71065
27 Dec 201618:4919:00GBP/USD71%1.227851.22778
27 Dec 201618:0218:15USD/CAD64%1.356751.35615

What Do Our Customers Say?

Tom, 24

Trading with SO Finance really has helped me generate a stable income. At first I was skeptical because the results seemed too good to be true, but since starting I’ve never looked back.

Richard, 36

I had no idea what to expect with SO as I’d never actually traded before joining them – it was a stab in the dark for me really! But having been with SO Finance for the past 6 months I can honestly say my life has changed for the better!

Jane, 21

Before joining SO I was at university, struggling to survive in truth. I invested what was left of my student loan into trading with SO and within a week I had doubled my money. The guys and girls at SO have been so warm and welcoming it truly has been a brilliant experience